Alt Lady Decay: Happy Accident

Had the privilege of spending an evening in the studio with alt_lady_decay (also known as Alice). We did a bunch of shoots which will end up here as soon as I finish editing them.


This set was the result of a happy accident while shooting nudes against a canvas backdrop.

As I am using a mirrorless camera I noticed that the ambient lighting in the room coming from the strobe’s modelling light and the fluorescent fixtures overhead looked quite awesome in my camera’s viewfinder between the shots.

What I saw was a strange cross-colour lighting with orange coming from the modelling lights and green/blue from the fluorescents in the viewfinder.



So before wrapping the shoot and tearing down the set I decided to shoot a few frames using the ambient light only, upping the ISO and opening the aperture almost as wide as it would go.

And Alice just kept delivering these crazy weird poses and expressions.


I love happy accidents!